Stop flicking the power switch! New firmware solves Canon PIXMA MG6320 interface issue


posted Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 2:39 PM EST


Last December, Canon launched two new wireless photo all-in-one printer models, the PIXMA MG6320 and MG5420. Of the pair, the former is the more sophisticated, including a 3.5-inch touch screen LCD panel that simplifies its user interface, reducing the number of physical controls needed for its operation.

That display, though, seems to have been the source of a problem of its own, now fixed in a new firmware update issued by Canon. The problem and its solution are described in a product advisory published yesterday. According to the company, the touch screen could intermittently stop responding altogether, preventing printer control. The lockup could be resolved by power cycling the printer -- Canon recommended a 30-second power off -- but that clearly wasn't a long-term solution.

Touch operation of Canon's PIXMA MG6350 could stop working; new firmware brings a fix.

Now, firmware version 2.010 for the PIXMA MG6320 is said to fix the problem once and for all. If you haven't noticed any problems, it's possible the new firmware may already have been installed at the factory, something you can confirm by printing a nozzle check pattern. If you're not on the latest firmware, you'll want to upgrade now to avoid frustration later, though.

More details on how to check your firmware version, plus the update file itself, can be found on the Canon USA website. No information is yet available as to whether the European version of the printer -- known in that market as the MG6350 -- is also affected, but should that be the case we'd expect to see a similar update on the Canon Europe support page for the printer soon.