The Camera Bag: A lifesize Lego version of the Nikon F SLR


posted Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 1:45 PM EDT


Lego artist Suzuki has created something mighty impressive: a life size replica of a Nikon F, crafted entirely out of Lego. The Lego SLR is not only the size of the real camera, but even has some of the mechanical functions of the real thing, including the ability to advance the film or open the camera. While it's sadly non-functional, it's a bold attempt to recreate a classic camera out of the iconic, plastic, interlocking bricks.

Suzuki has put the camera up on Cuusoo, Lego's crowdsourcing websites, where if designs get enough attention, they'll be considered by Lego for creation as an official kit. Unfortunately, they need 10,000 supporters, which the Lego single lens reflex camera is a long way off from, with just 230 to its name.

This isn't the first Lego camera replica we've seen. Last year there was a pretty impressive take on a Leica M9 that popped up, and then there's the whole Lego pinhole camera idea. But this replica gets serious points for being as close as possible to the form of the real thing, just composed of tiny little blocks.





(via Reddit)