Fuji X100S: bright frame finder bug fixed by new firmware


posted Friday, April 26, 2013 at 8:36 AM EDT

Are you one of the lucky few who's already got their hands on the recently-launched Fuji X100S rangefinder-style digital camera, which went on sale just last month? If so, you may have noticed a quirk of the camera's updated hybrid optical viewfinder: In some conditions, the brightness of its bright frame indication stops updating. This only happened when the camera was set to ISO 1,600 equivalent or higher.

The good news is that the behavior isn't intentional, and Fujifilm is aware of the issue. It's just released updated version 1.02 firmware for the Fuji X100S that, says the company, will fix the bright frame issue. You can get more information on how to check your current firmware version and how to install the update -- along with the update file itself, of course -- from the Fujifilm USA website if you're in the US market, or the Fujifilm Global website otherwise.