Lightning strikes during wedding ceremony and photographer bolts (VIDEO)


posted Friday, May 3, 2013 at 11:54 AM EDT


Here's one of those classic "What would you do?" scenarios. In the following short video clip from a rainy wedding in Key Largo, Florida, a colossal lightning strike hits the ocean during a pivotal moment in the ceremony. Of course, everyone is quite shaken including the wedding photographer, who still has the wherewithal to capture one last photo before getting the heck out of there.

A pretty startling situation all around and we probably would have run for cover too.

Here's how one guest describes what happened in the YouTube comments.

"Dennis and Sonja both say they say a fireball flash (rather than a lighening bolt), and if you stop the video repeatedly fast enough, you will see that there is first a flash of light, and then the lightening bolt, and then the thunder, and then people's reaction........and all this happens in the sixth second of the video. Wow!!," Bruce Thornton wrote. "It was an awesome wedding.......and very memorable!!! (You should post a clip of them all running and jumping into the swimming pool at the end of the ceremony too!)

Click here to see video of the happy ending.

(Via PetaPixel)