Fujifilm to cut low-end point-and-shoot cameras


posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 12:15 PM EST


Just weeks after reports that Olympus was to kill off its low-end point-and-shoot cameras comes a similar report for Fujifilm. As reported by Amateur Photographer, Fujifilm plans to halve its compact camera offerings, cutting the cheaper model and retaining focus on its well received high-end cameras.

This information comes from an interview published in the business newspaper Nikkei, with Hiroshi Tanaka, general manager of Fuji's Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division. Tanaka stated that the low-end models have low profits, and that around half of company's 20 compacts will be removed.

Fujifilm apparently also aims to merge its digital camera division with its optical devices wing, and is looking to move some camera assembly to factories in the Philippines. These moves are an attempt to bring its camera division back from operating at a loss by March 31 next year. According to the Phoblographer, Fuji's stock prices have already risen on this news.

The company has recently been receiving wide acclaim for its higher end models, but the more affordable Fujifilm cameras have never received quite as much attention. By cutting them, Fujifilm can focus its efforts on the higher end offerings, and apparently plans to launch more mirrorless cameras this year.

We reached out to Fujifilm USA to comment on this situation, and will update if they respond.