Super high-speed video booth shows that everything is better in slow motion (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 12:20 PM EST


Bruton Stroube is a commercial photography and video studio in St. Louis, MO that recently threw a party for various advertising types. But rather than intalling a boring old photobooth at the party, they set up their Phantom high-speed camera and let the attendees go wild at 1500fps, which produced some amazing, super slo-mo footage (see below).

While the photobooth at your cousin's bar mitzvah was mostly just cheap wigs and some funny glasses, the people at this party had a lot more fun with it. Liquid went flying, punches were thrown, frisbees and Nerf darts flew through the air, and there's even a triple spit-take. All at 1500fps! We can only imagine what sort of insane lighting setup they would have had to have used to keep everything looking so sharp — but being advertising photographers, you can bet it was available.

Puting a high-speed camera in a photo booth is a great idea, and it looks like a ton of fun, but it might not be right for every occasion. First, Phantom cameras are insanely expensive: they range in price between US$50,000-$150,000. And secondly, we're guessing some people wouldn't look too kindly at you throwing frisbees at beer cups at their wedding.

(via PopPhoto, Laughing Squid)