Controversial Hasselblad Lunar camera goes on sale for $7,000


posted Monday, June 10, 2013 at 5:39 PM EDT


Love it or hate it, the Hasselblad Lunar camera has finally gone on sale and, no, it isn't cheap. In fact, the Lunar is priced at about $500 more than we expected, retailing for US$6,995(!) on Amazon for the copper bronze version of the camera with a mahogany grip.

Other versions of the Hasselblad Lunar are also on sale for the same price on Amazon, including titanium models with either a brown or black leather grip. (The Lunar is built around a 24-megapixel, Sony NEX-7 compact system camera body and ships with an 18-55mm lens.) As evidence that this is a true luxury item, there are only eight of these Lunar cameras (currently) available on Amazon.

As we reported a few weeks ago, legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin helped launch the new Hasselblad Lunar in New York City, and the camera started shipping not long after that event. (There had been some reports that the Lunar might be delayed until the summer but those appear to have been unfounded.)

The Hasselblad Lunar has had a mixed reception since it was unveiled at photokina last September, with some photo industry observers griping about the quasi-Sony camera's expensive camera's price tag, and others questioning the unusual design options for the Lunar, including the choices of a wood, carbon fiber, or leather (and other materials) handgrip.

(Via Photo Rumors)