Gripping point-of-view video footage shows photographer covering protests in Brazil


posted Monday, June 17, 2013 at 11:02 AM EDT


Point-of-view camera footage where video is shot directly from the photographer's perspective as he or she snaps a photo is nothing new. In fact, it was popularized over a decade ago in the powerful documentary film about James Nachtwey titled "War Photographer," long before helmet-mounted GoPro cameras even existed.

When it's done well though, it can still be pretty gripping stuff. For example, check out the below clip shot from the perspective of photographer Michel De Souza, who has been covering the ongoing protests in Brazil over transit fare hikes. De Souza's video, titled "No Olho Do Furacão" (In the Eye of the Hurricane), shows the moments before a shot was taken and his finished photo afterwards.

What separates this four-minute clip from similar footage we've seen before is that it's well edited, and there's a stirring soundtrack mixing the ambient sounds of the protests with a brooding piano score -- making you feel like you're really there. (Though if I have to see another photo of a protester in an "Anonymous" Guy Fawkes mask, I might scream.)

(Via Reddit)