Check out the incredible components of an old Canon DSLR in this animated teardown


posted Friday, June 21, 2013 at 9:37 AM EST


The Canon 10D is not a new camera, having debuted in 2003. This video is not particularly new either, originally showing up on YouTube in 2008. But this render project from a trio of engineering students is nonetheless a fascinating look at just how many components go into a modern, digital camera.

Created by students Matthew Farrell, Michelle Pang, Michael Tom for an Engineering 128 class at UC Berkeley in 2008, they put together a complete digital teardown and reassembly of a Canon 10D and 24-85mm lens.

It seems like the video was created entirely from scratch by the trio, rather than using a technical document or diagram — which means they would have had to have physically taken the whole thing apart, and modeled each and every tiny component.

So if you've ever wondered about what all the countless, tiny parts of your DSLR are, and how they fit together, this video will show you.

(via DIYPhotography, Reddit)