Beautiful time-lapse video pays homage to the San Francisco fog


posted Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 6:48 PM EDT

If you've ever been to San Francisco, you're doubtless familiar with its famous fog. Chances are that's still true even if you've never visited the City by the Bay: perhaps the city's most iconic image is that of the Golden Gate bridge surrounded by swirling fog, which even merits its own entry in Wikipedia. Videographer Simon Christen is certainly familiar with the phenomenon, and for two years he's worked to record it in time-lapse from every angle.

The resulting video, released just yesterday and entitled "Adrift", is a self-described love letter to the San Francisco fog -- and it's absolutely bewitching. You might not think fog the most inspiring subject matter for time-lapse, but it makes for a surprisingly lively subject. (And one that behaves remarkably like water -- which rather makes sense, given that's what it's made from.)

One moment the fog ebbs and surges like the tides, the next it flows like a river. It churns and roils like rapids. It even has noticeable waves that ripple and lap across its surface. And of course, it envelops the Golden Gate bridge, and San Francisco beyond. It's hypnotic and very calming to watch, and Christen has done a great job with its capture.

Christen's video "Adrift" records the beautifully fluid San Francisco fog in time-lapse.

Watch the video above, and hop over to Christen's website for more great time-lapses and beautiful photography. And if you're a time-lapse fan, take a look at some of our other recent finds, including a recent Death Valley time-lapse that captures a beautiful southern aurora, and another which records the surprising nuances of the Antarctic ice. Beautiful stuff!

(via John Nack on Adobe)