Take a mind-blowing tour through Saturn’s rings in this 4K film


posted Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 11:58 AM EDT


Have a 4K monitor and feel like having your mind blown? Check out this trailer for an upcoming IMAX film titled "In Saturn's Rings." The film is comprised of hundreds of thousands of high-resolution photos captured during two dozen missions of the Cassini-Huygens space probe over the years.

We've shared some pretty amazing images captured by Cassini of Saturn before, including massive hurricanes on the planet and stunning cyclones, but this movie tops all that combined.

Stephen van Vuuren, the filmmaker behind "In Saturn's Rings," used a special "2.75D photographic fly-through" technology to animate the images and give them depth. Call it the "Ken Burns effect" on steroids. No CGI or visual effects were added to create the final film. "In Saturn's Rings" is slated to be released at IMAX theaters next year.

"The film is 100% created using only flat 2D photographs (often hundreds or thousands per frame) stitched together for massive hundred megapixel+ resolutions that are scaled and zoomed using techniques developed by the filmmaker, based on Ken Burns and 2.5D photo animation processes," according to the trailer's description on YouTube. "A computer is actually not even required to do this - it could all be done exactly using photoanimation techniques from 100 years ago."

To view the below trailer in 4K, choose "original" under the quality settings. You will, however, need a 4K monitor and a fast computer to view it at full resolution. You can also watch it at 1080p HD, which looks pretty damn fine as well.

(Via Mashable)