Photographer Vincent Laforet launches gear company, announces MoVI 5 details


posted Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 3:09 PM EST


Photographer Vince Laforet's announcement of the MoVI earlier this year immediately sent huge ripples through the world of photography. Since MoVI's announcement, we've seen intriguing demo videos of this new camera stabilizer and clones, but now Laforet has surprised us by announcing not just his own gear company and store, but details on the smaller MoVI thats been in the works.

Laforet's new site is called Visual Buddha, and will sell a small range of gear designed for photography and video work. So far, the company is offering lens converters, LED lights, and power supplies, but the real interest is still in the much hyped MoVI.

The original MoVI M10 will set you back some $14,995, but Visual Buddha also announced that customers will start getting them on August 15. Not only that, but in addition to the MoVI M10, details are starting to emerge on the smaller, more affordable, MoVI M5. When the M10 was originally announced, we were told there was an M5 in the works "for a price point under $7,500." Now we know it will sell for $4,995, will be available 4th quarter of this year, and can support a five-pound payload.

At just a third of the price of the M10, the MoVI M5 will be a lot more attractive to videographers on a budget, and the 5-pound weight limit is still comfortably capable of taking most DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

It's not quite as cheap as building one yourself for a couple of hundred bucks, but for full three-axis stabilization, it's mighty impressive.

(via 1001NoisyCameras)