Watch soccer superstar Lionel Messi turn into Tron in this high-speed light video


posted Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 6:38 PM EST


We've posted some cool high-speed videos shot with Phantom cameras before but this is one of the most fantastic clips we've seen yet. It features soccer (aka football) superstar Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona dressed in a LED-laden suit and cleats running and dribbling a molded, LED football in the dark like a World Cup version of Tron.

The clip was shot at 1000 frames per second with a Phantom camera and the footage was then tweaked in post-production to create the streaky, blurry, Tron-y effect.

The resulting video if just flat-out mesmerizing, even if it just is an advertisement for Messi's latest cleats from Adidas.

(Via Dvice)