The Camera Bag: This giant Nikon D800X DSLR prop is a true full-framer


posted Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 11:09 AM EDT


A Taiwanese designer has created an amazingly huge and intricate sculpture of the fictitious Nikon D800X Super Kit. This giant camera kit mock-up took a year to create and, as you can see from the photos below, includes a 14-24mm interchangeable lens, a battery grip and a top panel that lights up, just like the real thing.

Nikon Rumors came across the photos here, and one of NR's readers helped translate the backstory (which is in Mandarin Chinese) on the Nikon fan who created this fantastic XL camera.

"He is a Nikon user and working for YAGE Image House Car Art Studio," Jim Huang wrote in the NR comments section. "He spent his time after work to make this lovely 'D800X.' The lady holding the camera is one of the sales person(s) in his favorite camera store, so she is not the creator."

We're not sure about the resolution of the Nikon D800X, but this could be the fabled medium format camera Nikon was rumored to be working on many years ago. ;-)

See more photos of the Nikon D800X Super Kit at Nikon Rumors.