Pentax websites, social networking properties switch to Ricoh branding


posted Monday, August 12, 2013 at 6:39 PM EDT

A month ago, we reported on news that Pentax Ricoh Imaging was to change its company name to Ricoh Imaging. In the process, the Pentax name was to revert to brand status -- something that's been true throughout the majority of its history. Now that August has arrived, the company has done just that, removing the Pentax logo from the header of its official sites around the world, and replacing it with Ricoh's own logo.

We must admit we were a little surprised to note that in much of the world, the company has also retired its Pentax web domains, though. In the company's home market of Japan, as well as in the US and Canada, the official domains now redirect to Ricoh-branded equivalents. The same is true of the company's global English-language website. Only in Europe and China do the original Pentax domains continue, although here too, the branding has now been updated to that of Ricoh. Several of the company's social media properties have also made the jump, with names changed to Ricoh instead of Pentax.

The Pentax USA website has switched to Ricoh branding, as have the company's other global websites. It is also now a section of the Ricoh US website, rather than a standalone entity.

In full, here's the company's current list of official corporate websites and social media offerings around the world:

Bookmarks to the former sites continue to redirect for the time being, but it might be prudent to update them with the new locations, nonetheless.

The Pentax logo will still feature on interchangeable-lens cameras and binoculars.

As noted in last month's announcement, the Pentax brand will remain in place on existing products, as well as on future interchangeable-lens cameras and binoculars. Ricoh's own brand will be used for compact cameras and "new technological innovations". So Pentaxians need fear not -- your much-loved brand isn't going away, it's just returning to the status quo. And for fans of Ricoh, thanks to the subsumption of the Pentax websites, you will now see an even broader range of imaging products on Ricoh websites around the world.