Think Tank Photo’s new Turnstyle bags offer a home away from home for your mirrorless or DSLR camera


posted Friday, August 16, 2013 at 5:47 PM EST

Are you planning an upgrade to an interchangeable-lens camera? If so, you're not alone. Now that smartphones have largely taken over from the humble point-and-shoot, a lot of photographers looking to step up are considering the advantages of a large-sensor camera system with a choice of lenses.

The process of moving to an interchangeable-lens model can be exciting, but if you're new to the hobby, it can also be a little intimidating. Have you bought everything you need, or is there something you've forgotten? Something that's pretty easy to forget is that you'll want a decent camera bag -- both to protect your gear, and to make sure you won't leave half your system on a shelf at home, right when you need it most.

The folks at camera bag company Think Tank Photo have some new additions to their line that look very nicely suited to the interchangeable-lens newcomer. The new bags would also likely prove a nice upgrade for anybody who's finally taken the splash and bought a second or third lens to supplement the one in their camera kit -- or perhaps those whose existing bag is starting to show its age.

Think Tank Photo's new Turnstyle sling bags are available in three sizes.

The new bags are all handsome, sling-style models with an understated style, and room for everything the typical amateur or intermediate photographer will need handy. Enthusiasts who understand the benefits of traveling (and shooting) light will also find enough room for a day trip's worth of gear.

The Think Tank Photo Turnstyle 5 is the most compact of the trio, with external dimensions of 7.1 x 13.8 x 3.9 inches, and is designed to carry a mirrorless camera kit with two to four lenses or similarly-sized accessories, plus a mini tablet. The Turnstyle 10, meanwhile, adds an inch or so in each direction, and provides room for an SLR and one to three lenses, instead of the mirrorless setup. The roomiest of the group is the Turnstyle 20, with space for an SLR with as many as four lenses, and a full-sized tablet.

As well as charcoal grey, a slate blue variant is also available.

All three bags have the quality you'd expect from Think Tank. (We've used their gear ourselves, and really appreciate the thoughtful designs coupled with great construction.) And of course, there's ample padding to keep your gear safe from minor knocks and bumps.

Name-brand YKK RC-fused zippers and metal hardware are used throughout, along with water-resistant poly ballistic fabrics. The designs include breathable mesh back panels, customizable interior dividers, seam-sealed rain covers, quick-release shoulder straps with hook and loop organizers for extra webbing, and front organizer pockets for batteries, flash cards, and all the other accoutrements of digital photography.

Each bag swallows more gear than you might expect from its compact size.

Two colors are available for each bag: black with charcoal grey details, or black with blue slate details. Pricing is set at US$75 for the Turnstyle 5, US$85 for the Turnstyle 10, and US$100 for the Turnstyle 20. More details on the new bags can be found on the Think Tank Photo website.