Ricoh updates Pentax lens roadmap, alters plans for upcoming zoom


posted Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 4:26 PM EST

Alongside its new flash and lens announcements yesterday, more news from imaging giant Ricoh -- owner of the Pentax brand -- slipped under the radar. The company has also issued an updated version of its Pentax K-mount lens roadmap.

The main change on the new roadmap is pretty straightforward. In light of yesterday's announcements, the existing DA Limited lens line has been retired, replaced by the newer HD DA Limited versions of the same lenses. But that's not all, however. Another more subtle difference in the roadmap caught our eye.

The updated Pentax K-mount lens roadmap.

Although four lenses and one teleconverter remain on the roadmap for 2013 or later, there's been a change to one of these. Previously, Pentax has indicated that a DA* zoom lens -- spanning an approximate range of around 20-80mm or thereabouts -- the new roadmap drops the Star designation.

In the company's own words from an earlier launch, the Star-series lenses "provide superior performance and technological excellence". They typically carry higher pricetags, as well. Apparently, this new zoom no longer merits the designation, perhaps suggesting it will be aimed at a wider market.