Yosemite National Park time-lapse video of Rim Fire shows unique vantage on blaze’s powerful path


posted Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 2:24 PM EST


Earlier this week we showed images and video of the Rim Fire that is currently devastating Northern California and Yosemite National Park. Today we saw another video, this time filmed and published by the Yosemite park staff, that gives us a broader look at how the fire is raging. This time-lapse video, shot from multiple points around the park, give you an idea of how the blaze has extended over the days.

The footage is roughly split into two parts. The first is shot around the Crane Flat Helibase, and shows the fire from a number of perspectives. The second half is from Glacier Point, and appears to be filmed from a remote monitoring camera, and as you watch, you can see the smoke flare up through the canyons as time passes.

Thankfully, the Rim Fire appears to be slowing, and current estimates predict it to be contained within two weeks. Apparently drones are being used to track the blaze from the air, without endangering pilots -- if we ever see that footage, it should prove an interesting addition to what we know about the fire.


(via Gawker)