Devastating, never-before-seen photos of Hurricane Sandy featured in “Rising Waters” show


posted Friday, September 6, 2013 at 12:57 PM EST


It's been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy walloped the East Coast and now some never-before-seen images of the devastating superstorm have surfaced in a new photography show in New York City. Called "Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy," the show features over 100 works by more than 90 photographers.

Photos in the show were culled from an open call for submissions from the public, which drew over 7,000 entries. Consequently, a number of the images, including the photo by Haik Kocharian of New York City's Financial District under water (below), have never been displayed before in public.

"I spent most of the night photographing the effects of the storm," Kocharian told Gothamist. "Familiar streets like Old Slip, Broad and Water were lost under a torrent of rushing water, cars and other debris floating around, broken power lines and tree branches littered the sidewalks, shattered store windows and scattered merchandise everywhere. New York was hurting and I was hurting with it, the way you would share a pain of someone close and dear to your heart."

Photo © Haik Kocharian

The show is on view at a two-story Victorian house (Building 19) in Nolan Park on Governors Island, which is off the southern tip of Manhattan. Governors Island is accessible by free ferries from Manhattan and Brooklyn. The exhibition also features video from Gideon Mendel's Drowning World series on flood zones around the globe.

“The powerful images from Hurricane Sandy, by professional and non-professional photographers, demonstrate the depth of the hurricane’s impact and the extraordinary role the image plays in our experience of events,” said Mark Robbins, Executive Director of the International Center of Photography, which help organize the show.

The exhibition, which runs through September 29th, is actually a preview of a much larger Hurricane Sandy show, which will be on display at the Museum of the City of New York in November. You can see more of the powerful images from "Rising Waters" at Slate.

(Via Gothamist and Art Daily)

Photo © Chris Ozer
Photo © Allan Tannenbaum
Photo © Susannah Ray