Digital Bolex footage shows off the camera’s low-light skills (VIDEO)


posted Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 2:47 PM EDT


The Digital Bolex has piqued a lot of curiosity thanks to its retro charms, and the ability to record Raw 2K video with a relatively sane $2,500 pricetag. But with a maximum ISO of just 400, just how well does it function at night? The folks at Digital Bolex have released some test footage shot in low light, and even with such a limited ISO, they were able to capture some impressive footage.

This test footage with the D16 was shot using a Fujinon 25mm 1:.85 vintage prime lens, and according to NoFilmSchool was pushed by as much as a couple of stops in post-processing (one of the big advantages of shooting Raw). Considering the D16 isn't meant to be a low-light camera, it's an impressive showing from the Bolex — especially given that this is the first time it's been used in a night shoot. Plus, since it is using Raw footage, that cyan cast could probably also be dealt with in post.

So what do you readers think? Do you believe the Bolex Digital footage holds up when shooting at night? Let us know in the comments.

(via the Phoblographer)