posted Friday, September 13, 2013 at 12:15 PM EDT

It's Firmware Friday time, and this week we've got news of updates for no less than nine different interchangeable-lens cameras from the Pentax brand.

A couple of weeks ago, parent company Ricoh announced that it would be releasing new all-weather flash strobes with LED video lights. The company also revealed updated versions of its lustworthy DA Limited lens lineup with its new HD lens coating.

The new firmware, as always, is said to bring unspecified stability and performance enhancements. The real meat and potatoes of each update, though, is to add support for all these new products. That means owners of DSLRs going all the way back to 2010's Pentax 645D will be able to take advantage of the new strobes. In addition, all but the 645D -- which has a much larger lens mount -- will gain support for the newly-coated lenses.


You can pick up the new firmware for your camera(s) at the links below: