Minister stops wedding ceremony to yell at photographer creating really awkward moment (VIDEO)


posted Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 11:43 AM EDT


This wedding video has been making the rounds this morning and all we can say is: ugh! In the clip, the officiant ministering the vows abruptly stops the ceremony to tell the photographers to "please leave!" or he won't continue.

The reason? "This is a solemn assembly, not a photography session," the minister tells those taking pictures behind him. (We're assuming that one of those folks is the professional wedding photographer being paid to record all the important moments of the ceremony.)

The expressions on the bride and groom's faces say it all. Awkward! Well, at least they have a story -- and now a video -- to share with friends. In the world of awkward wedding photography moments, it's probably not quite on this level, but it's close.

(Via The Knot)