Picsurge website lets you share massive galleries of photos — without having to sign up for anything


posted Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 2:37 PM EDT


Ever wanted to share a large gallery of images, but didn't want to have to login in to, or sign up for anything? Not every photo you need to send around requires a Flickr album, or to be shared to your Tumblr page. A newly launched website called Picsurge could make it that much easier to share large sets of images without adding any complication to the matter.

Announced on Reddit, Picsurge will allow you to upload 250+ images, at up to 10MB a pop, in "jpg, bmp, tif, png and single frame gif" formats. Once uploaded, anyone can download the shared images as they want. Right now the service is in its infancy. It only just rolled out a terms of service, with password protection, collaborative albums, and the ability to delete files still in the works.

You can check out the different gallery styles in a few sample versions that have been uploaded.

The worry about Picsurge is that it might follow in the footsteps of another image hosting site that got its start in Reddit: imgur. Imgur rapidly became a firm favorite for people to host images without attribution, and stripping away sourcing information. At least Picsurge has the option to include information about who created the content, but it could also be used to rehost an entire gallery of someone else's work.