“The Lion City” is a stunning combination of both time lapse and tilt shift (VIDEO)


posted Monday, October 28, 2013 at 12:40 PM EDT


Photographer Keith Loutit has combined two popular videography methods into one incredible video of Singapore, and it's an absolutely stunning look at his home city in a rather unconventional way.

For The Lion City, he shot a series of time lapse videos, and developed his own methods for the tilt shift component of the film, relying on experimental techniques and oddball lenses. He uses the limited depth of field to call to mind the oppressive heat and humidity that Singapore has.

Talking to Planet5D, Loutit explains that the video was shot primarily with a Nikon D3 and D4, with a Canon 5D MKII and Little Bramper for day to night transitions. He also had a large scale dolly that he used for tracking shots. He explains the optical side of the setup as:

For focus effects I make efforts to use lenses where possible (large format bellows and classic Rodogon & Nikon lenses), or modified enlarger lenses. If I’m shooting without effects I use a range of 80′s – 90′s Nikon lenses I’ve had modified (crippled) for timelapse work. Edited in FC Pro, Post effects in After effects.
I haven’t fully made the transition from optical to post processed effects yet, as I find the lenses often survive the color grade better.

In the comments section of that Planet5D post, post author Mitch pops up to confirm that "It is mostly post production", but it's nonetheless an incredible video, and one well worth watching.