posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 4:49 PM EST


When Adobe launched its Creative Cloud product family earlier this year, it claimed a number of advantages for its controversial new subscription-only approach. Key among these was the ability for the company to more quickly push updates and significant new features, which in the past had typically been saved for the subsequent major release of the software.

Fulfilling that promise, Adobe has just shipped a Creative Cloud update which it says brings over 150 improvements to the Creative Cloud video app suite. Among the changes are some significant new features first shown in September at the IBC2013 show. At the time, Adobe pledged to ship these new features in October, and by the slimmest of margins it did so, delivering the new updates on the last day of the month.

Key among the changes is support in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for 4K resolutions and beyond, as well as for raw footage shot with a variety of cameras, including the CinemaDNG , RED Dragon, Sony F65, AVC Long GOP/XAVC Long GOP, and AVC Ultra formats. Premiere Pro CC also has better Warp Stabilizer performance, a new overlay showing timecode, camera angles, and more during playback, and it brings automatically downmixed monitoring plus improved multicam support plus MXF / CEA-708 caption support.

Adobe After Effects CC now has a new upsampling function that aims to retain edge detail while keeping artifacts and noise to a minimum, so you can convert your footage to a higher resolution. It also features a new media browser, as well as a mask tracker function that follows moving subjects across the frame, and updates your mask positions for you to prevent repetitive rotoscoping. And the Warp Stabilizer VFX and 3D Camera Tracker functions now use multithreaded parallel processing, for better performance, while 3D raytracing is improved courtesy of GPU optimizations.

SpeedGrade CC, meanwhile, can now open Premiere Pro CC projects for color grading, then return them to Premiere Pro for further editing. New SpeedLooks help SpeedGrade CC users quickly grade videos for a cinema feel, and the app also supports multiple grading masks. Adobe Prelude CC now supports GoPro footage and metadata import, and can export clips, subclips, and rough cuts, or print a marker list. And finally, Adobe Story CC can now import and export more data including set lists, character lists, and tag lists.

There's also a brand-new tool, available free for iPad from the iTunes store. Dubbed Adobe Prelude Live Logger, this lets you use your iPad to log events during video capture, and then sync the log back to Prelude to add markers to your video. (You can choose either to sync to timecode, or simply with the start of the clip.)

More details on the Adobe website.