The Macallan announces Masters of Photography: Elliot Erwitt Edition


posted Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 1:30 PM EST


For the last few years, famed scotch whisky distillery the Macallan has teamed up with photographic giants to create hyper-limited edition releases that combine the best of both photography and single malt. This year, famed portraitist Elliot Erwitt has been announced as the newest photographer in the series, and together he and the Macallan have produced a limited run of photo books with accompanying scotch.

For this edition of Masters of Photography, each copy will feature a signed print by Erwitt, with a bespoke photo-archival book featuring a total of 158 images. It chronicle's Erwitt's "Great Scottish Adventure"  — and hidden inside that book will be a small bottle of whisky. Not just any whisky, either. Each of the 58 different signed prints will be accompanied by a unique single cask whisky — and only 35 copies will be made. That means that it's a grand total of just 2,030 copies — a limited run to be sure. Just 320 of these book/bottle combos are destined for the USA.

As in years previous, there's a photography competition alongside side the announcement of the pairing. This year the winner could net themselves a Leica X Vario, with a Leica C for second place, and the Macallan ice ball maker for third. Given that those ice ball makers go for £650.00, and that the Leica C is a rebranded Panasonic LF1, I think I might prefer the third place option.

If you're interested in purchasing one of the Macallan Masters of Photography combos, they do not run cheap. Previous years' versions have gone for more than £1,000.00 a pop.

(via CoolHunting)