The Department of the Interior has an Instagram account — and it’s amazing


posted Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 12:16 PM EST


More and more, Instagram is proving its worth well beyond the hackneyed cliché of selfies and foodshots. We're seeing news disseminated via Instagram, and now it seems that government agencies are using the social network to share some amazing images. The Department of the Interior (DOI), who is in charge of most federal land and natural resources, has an absolutely astonishing Instagram account, which gives an incredible look at some of the parks scattered around the USA.

While it is Instagram, the images are from a variety of devices, not just smartphones — there are plenty of photos on it that obviously required far more high-end gear than an iPhone. 

But it seems that twice a day, the Department of Interior uploads an image on Instagram. Maybe it's a landscape, maybe it's an animal. Maybe it was done by a professional, maybe it's captured from a wildlife camera. But all of the photos make you want to get out and explore the wilds just a little.

The DOI isn't the only doing it either. The Bureau of Land Management, NASA, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center regularly post amazing images on Instagram. 

(via Metafilter)