Watch as a curious pride of lions tries to eat a buggy-mounted Nikon D800

by Felix Esser

posted Monday, November 25, 2013 at 3:06 PM EST


Chris McLennan, wildlife photographer and Nikon New Zealand ambassador, recently decided to have a little fun on one of his trips to Africa. So he mounted a Nikon D800 to a remote-controlled buggy and drove it right into a pride of sunbathing lions. We'll give away only this much: the lions first tried to eat it, and then they tried to abduct it, ultimately killing the buggy. The resulting pictures, however, are spectacular. Because McLennan used a super wide-angle lens from a very low perspective, the pictures have a unique look to them. And with the lions directly engaging the buggy, it's almost as if they're staring right into the eyes of the viewer.

Despite the fact that "Car-L"--that's the name of Chris's buggy--didn't survive this little adventure, the video gives away that he and his companions had a lot of fun. But please, kids, don't try to do this at home! Chris is a highly trained professional who knows what he's doing -- at least we hope he does...

(via Nikon Rumors)