Rare Leicas and Nikons up for auction


posted Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 1:16 PM EST


In just a few days, an incredible collection of Leica and Nikon gear will go under the auctioneer's hammer, with a December 8 sale through Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions. Some 317 lots are up for bid, including some extremely rare pieces, like prototype and misprinted Leicas, anniversary boxed sets, Noctilux glass, and more.

The two biggest draws in the auction are some of its most interesting. There's a Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype, bedecked in olive green. Apparently Leica was working on safari versions of both the M4-2 and the R3 in the late 70s, but only the R3 ended up going to market — meaning that prototypes like this are the only Safari M4-2s in existence. The Leica M4 KE-7A is special for a very different reason — it's a misprint. It's described as "the significantly rarer civilian version with a fascinating Leica miss-engraving “Pictupe” which makes this rare camera even more rare and interesting. The “C” (Canada) seal is still intact which means this camera has never been opened since its manufacture by E. Leitz, Midland, Canada." Both of these M4s are expected to fetch $20,000-$40,000 at auction.

Also expected to reach high prices are Noctilux lenses, a prototype 600mm f/5 Leica lens, and various sets. There's not as much Nikon gear up for auction as there is Leica, but there are some interesting bits of hardware, such as this reflex housing or Nikon SP.

If you don't feel like dropping a small fortune on gear, you can always have a peruse of the auction listing, either as PDF or as a digital catalog.

(via PMDA)