Danish duo to make new Super 8 camera


posted Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 1:51 PM EDT


While 35mm film might be struggling, analog photographers have nothing on those who love Super 8 film for video. With production on cameras long since ended, and ever decreasing film stock, there's not a lot of development going on for 8mm film. But a father/son duo from Denmark are bucking the trend, and have designed and are building a new, high-end Super 8 camera, one with an impressive laundry list of features.

Their company is called Logmar, and the device they've created isn't a crummy, small handycam style gadget. It's planned to retail for $2,700 to $3,400 when it lands in April, is remote controllable over Wi-Fi, uses C-Mount lenses, has an external monitor, framerate controls, and a USB port for upgrades. It even digitally records sound as a timestamped audio file on an SD card, so you can add it to your video in post-processing.

There's an extensive article about the Logmar at Filmkorn, and it's a far cry from the usual sort of camera people associate with 8mm video. But it's intriguing that just two people could create something like this, a high-end camera that provides professional performance in an ailing field.

But it does seem a tad ironic that this pops up just days after we heard word of a project to turn Super 8 cameras digital with a special insert. Which raises the question of which people want more: old hardware with new, digital internals; or old-school film in a newly designed body?

(via NoFilmSchool)