Samsung combines mobile and imaging divisions


posted Friday, December 13, 2013 at 1:54 PM EDT


Samsung has been major proponent of bringing together cellphones and photography for some time, perhaps most notably by adding Android to camera its lineup. But now the Korean technology giant has gone a step further, combining its Digital Imaging and Mobile Communications divisions into one.

According to ET News, Samsung's goal is to capture the largest share of the global mirrorless camera market in 2015 — an uphill battle if ever there was. A Samsung representative explained:

“We will transplant the brand, sales networks, software competency and manufacturing competitiveness of the Wireless Business Division into the Camera Business Division, and integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions into competency for differentiating our smartphones.”

Samsung has never reached much success with its cameras, despite consistently building competent, affordable devices — but is currently a global powerhouse for smartphones. With the combination of the two branches of the company, it will be interesting to see what it means for both smartphone photographers, but also for connectivity when it comes to cameras. Will we see phones with zoom lenses? Compact cameras with apps? A further evolution of the Galaxy NX? One way or another, it will be interesting.

(via The Verge)