Canon 7D firmware fixes tethered file transfer issue


posted Monday, December 16, 2013 at 10:50 AM EDT


Does your camera bag include Canon's EOS 7D digital SLR and WFT-E5A wireless file transmitter? If so, the company has a new firmware update that you'll want to install on the camera body.

Canon EOS 7D firmware version 2.0.5 corrects a problem when transferring files via USB with the Wireless File Transmitter attached. If a wireless connection has already been established, FTP transfers via USB could fail with earlier versions of firmware. No other changes are noted in the new firmware release. If you'd like to update your Canon 7D body to the latest firmware version 2.0.5, you can find the update file for Mac and Windows machines here.

Note that after updating, date and time settings will be reset, and so will any lens peripheral illumination correction data stored in the camera. Also note that you'll need to update the Wireless File Transmitter to firmware version 1.0.7, EOS Utility software to version 2.13.25, Digital Photo Professional to version 3.13.45, and ImageBrowser EX to version 1.0.1, if you've not already done so. All of these updates can be found on the Canon EOS 7D Drivers & Software page on Canon's website.