This Sony A7r ad is the most death defying lens change we’ve ever seen (VIDEO)


posted Friday, December 20, 2013 at 12:42 PM EST


The Sony A7r is an absolutely incredible device, and one that might be a game changer for the world of mirrorless cameras. And this ad from cinematographer Simon Hammond doesn't do anything to show off the strengths of the camera. It doesn't delve into the astonishing image quality, or how tiny of a full-frame camera it is. But it does show one of the most incredible lens changes we've ever seen — done by two skydivers plummeting through the air.

Sure, the lens change scene that happens at around 0:30 in the video below might be faked. After all, the hands change position a number of times, and the final shot is so tight that it might have been done with just a single person. And yes, having an exposed sensor while falling through the sky is a good recipe for having bugs splattered all over the insides of your camera.

But it's still an excruciatingly cool ad. And if it's for real, we'd love to see what the photos they took came out like!


(via ISO1200)