Photo series takes you feet-first through life’s journey


posted Sunday, December 29, 2013 at 6:07 PM EDT


Thomas Edison famously claimed that genius was 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. For photography, we'd put the figure on inspiration a little higher: Great photos usually start with a great idea; doubly so for a photo series. For London-based professional photographer Tom Robinson, sitting stretched out alongside his girlfriend on the beach in Brighton was the inspiration for a cool photo series that's now in its eighth year.

Way back in 2005, Tom thought his feet alongside those of new girlfriend Verity would make for a good picture. The shot, which you can see below, alongside a few of our favorites, became the foundation for Feet First, a photo series that's now well past 100 images, each documenting a step in the couple's life journey.

The photo that inspired the series, shot in Brighton, England.

And what a journey it is, with stops all over Europe, Asia, Australasia, and South America, not to mention some pretty major life events documented along the way. One of those events even took the series in a brand-new direction: Since the birth of their daughter Matilda in 2011, a new pair of feet have taken their place in the photos.

Zell Am See, Austria.

For such a simple idea, it's made for a heartwarming and surprisingly beautiful series -- and it all came about because of that moment of seaside inspiration. We're glad Tom ran with the idea, and curious to see where the series goes in the future. As well as the few photos he's kindly allowed us to share here, you can see the remainder of the series (and some seriously great travel photography) on Tom's website.

Sentosa Island, Singapore.

Machu Picchu, Peru.

The birth of Matilda at St.Georges Hospital in London took the series in a new direction.

Marrakech, Morocco.

Millennium Dome, London, England.

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