This drone aerial footage of Cambodia is stunning (VIDEO)


posted Monday, January 13, 2014 at 2:01 PM EST


We're reaching perilously close to peak aerial drone footage, where the sheer volume of footage taken from the skies has completely robbed them of emotional impact. Yet, even so, there are still videos that pop up every now and then that manage to wow us with their beauty. Like this footage from Roberto Serrini, which was shot over both the city of Phnom Pehn and the rural village of Anluk Leak in Cambodia.

Serrini shot them on GoPro, using both DJI Phantom and DJI F550 drones. The shoot actually had two of each, and would employ whichever one worked best for that particular scene. It's also particularly nice to see that not all of the footage was shot from the maximum possible height, but rather kept near ground level for some dramatic sweeping shots from a height that we can appreciate. Also, Serrini used his drones to interact with people on the ground, something that's often ignored in projects like these, giving it something more of a human touch.

You can see some slightly more terrestrial images from Serrini's time in Cambodia from his Flickr sets.

(via Laughing Squid)