New Camera News, the Onion of camera news and review sites, is every bit as incredible as you’d expect


posted Thursday, January 16, 2014 at 2:58 PM EDT


We'll be the first to admit it. Camera news and review sites are ripe for parody. Amidst the constant floods of rumors, new products that you don't care about, new products that you vaguely care about, reviews, and anything else that we think will interest readers, there's more than a little room to make fun. And that's where New Camera News steps in, a pitch-perfect mockery of photographers, camera news, and the sites that obsessively detail them.

As a sample of what NCN satirizes, there are the predilections of specific manufacturers, rumor mongering, the state of the industry, baseless (but strangely accurate sounding) predictions, "best of" awards, our eternal yearning for new gear, our tendency to talk too much about said gear, pixel peeping, photo software, bad image editing, and the habits of certain prolific reviewers.

I'll be the first to admit to being guilty of a number of those (hoping new gear will make me a better photographer? Oh yeah. Boring camera talk? Check.) And there's more than enough there that anyone with a passing familiarity with the world of internet photography should find something to give them a bit of a giggle.

(And Steve Stonewall? Oh snap, better find some ice for that burn!)