Pentax K-3 review: Shooter’s Report Part II - Time for some more exciting lenses!


posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 11:45 AM EST


It's been a little while coming, between all the holidays, tradeshows, and announcements, but we just published the second installment in our Pentax K-3 review's ongoing Shooter's Report. This time around, we took off the kit lens and shot with some more interesting glass -- two Limited primes, an older full-frame prime, and an ultra-wide angle fisheye zoom.

As before, we shot side-by-side with the Pentax K-5, comparing the K-3's new sensor and imaging pipeline with that of the previous-generation flagships. Having covered dusk and night shooting at higher sensitivities last time -- and with some rare blue skies making an appearance -- we went our for some daytime shooting at low ISOs.

And along with plenty of handheld shooting, we also took a tripod along for some direct, real-world comparisons of some of the K-3's more unusual features. We tested out both its anti-aliasing filter simulation function (including the just-released firmware update for AA filter simulation bracketing; more on that in this week's Firmware Friday), and it's overhauled HDR mode, which includes the ability to shoot raw.


And at the end, we give you a run-down of what's on the drawing board for the next shooter's report. Got any requests? Be sure to leave them in the comments at the end of the review!

For the full story, read our Pentax K-3 Shooter's Report Part II, and be sure to take a look at the Pentax K-3 gallery for all the new shots. (And if you're considering an upgrade from the previous-generation Pentax APS-C flagships, compare them side-by-side with the updated shots in the Pentax K-5 gallery.)