Form Before Function: Leica swaps leather for paper with limited edition Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni


posted Friday, February 7, 2014 at 1:52 PM EDT


Leica has teamed up with high-end paper makers Fedrigoni to make an extremely limited run of the Leica X2 with a very interesting twist. Instead of the traditional leather grip on the camera, it will be swapped for specially chosen "Constellation Jade" paper, which is capable of surviving the abuses handled by a camera.

Only 25 of the Leica X2 Paper Skin Fedrigoni will be produced, and neither company has announced what the camera will retail for. But keep in mind, the 35 camera run of the Leica Monochrom “Ralph Gibson” sold out almost instantly with a price of 21,000 Euros. So don't expect this to be an affordable investment.

Over its Facebook page, Fedrigoni made the following announcement (machine translated):

Fedrigoni presents the world's first Leica camera that carries a "paper skin" and is surrounded by 15 design quality papers.

The shimmering pearl embossed Fedrigoni paper "Constellation Jade replaces the traditional leather band of the camera and becomes a part of the product. For this purpose, the paper had to meet the high quality standards, Leica Camera presents his materials: in a 16-step test procedures survived "Constellation Jade" among other fast and slow temperature changes from -40° to +70° C, acetone - order as well as 400 abrasion intervals. The paper achieved excellent test results in abrasion and acetone resistance and was in this respect even the best leathers in nothing. The lavishly produced and refined packaging reminiscent of a paper sample book, thereby unpacking the camera to create a unique brand experience. On 16 layers of fine paper claim and pioneering spirit of Fedrigoni 's 125 - year history in typography and graphic design come to life . This strict emphasis on sustainability: It is only paper to use - even for the accessories has been waived plastic films. The Leica X2 Special Edition "Fedrigoni" was produced in a limited edition of only 25 pieces!

While it's bound to have a ludicrous pricetag attached to it, this is an immaculately designed limited edition. And the video below does an excellent job of making the idea of swapping leather for paper actually seem pretty incredible.

(via LeicaRumors, La Vida Leica)