Nikon DF review: Shooter’s Report Part III: Icy Rivers and Skating Rinks


posted Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 6:33 PM EDT


Late last month, we kicked off our review of the retro-styled, FX-format Nikon Df digital SLR. From the get-go, it was clear that the Df's unusual interface was proving to be a little quirky. It was equally obvious, though, that Imaging Resource reviewer Eamon Hickey really liked what its full-frame sensor could do for his photos. What was less clear was which of these attributes would more strongly color his opinion of what has proven to be a rather divisive DSLR with photographers in general.

After a full six weeks shooting with the Nikon Df, Eamon has now turned in his final verdict. While we still have a little more work to do before we finalize the review, and add our overall conclusion taking into account our comprehensive lab testing, you'll find Eamon's opinions based on his real-world experiences in part three of his Nikon Df Shooter's Report.

Didn't catch the earlier sections? You can dive in at the start of the Shooter's Report, or read our comprehensive Nikon Df review in its entirity. And watch this space for the conclusion, coming soon!