Watch an ice crystal form with this incredible microscope snowflake timelapse (VIDEO)


posted Monday, February 24, 2014 at 1:42 PM EST


We've seen no shortage of timelapses over the years here at Imaging Resource, but this one is a bit different. For one, it's probably the smallest we've ever seen, as it's been shot through a microscope. It also captures one of nature's most interesting phenomena: the formation of a single, unique snowflake.

We wish we knew a bit more about how the video was shot, its vimeo description is all but blank, pretty much just saying that it was shot on a microscope. It's such a stunning piece of footage, that it almost looks unreal, like a CGI render. But video maker Vyacheslav Ivanov has a number of other timelapses that convince that this thing is real. But over the course of just a couple of minutes, seeing a snowflake grow from nothing is just amazing.

If you'd like see some more incredible images of snowflakes, we've previously looked at how one photographer shot them with just the most basic of gear, and how another built them in the lab.

(via io9, PhotoJojo)