Lomography announces new Konstruktor Super Kit with macro, close-up lenses


posted Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 1:33 PM EST


Lomography's Konstruktor camera, released last year, was an instantly popular toy SLR that you can build yourself in just a couple of hours from a kit. With just a $35 pricetag, it made an excellent toy camera for anyone willing to do a bit of assembly. Now Lomography has announced a new version, the Konstruktor Super Kit, with two new lenses and a chimney hood.

The Super Kit will set you back a little more, now $59, but it comes with a fair bit different from the original kit. The original came with a 50mm f/10 lens, and it looks like the Super Kit keeps that, but adds two new lenses: a close-up and a macro (though we don't have focal length or aperture for either). The new kit also includes a chimney hood, which makes for brighter viewing than the original camera.

All of these additions were available as add-ons to the original kit before, but the hood went for $15 and the lenses for $20, so you would pay $70 for them alongside the Konstruktor. By bundling the lot into the Super Kit, you save $10—and get it all in a nifty box.

If you want another take on a camera that you can build yourself, there's also the Japanese Last camera, which is a similar idea, but with a very different looking camera at the end.