Super 8 goes digital with mysterious Bellami HD-1


posted Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 1:54 PM EST


With the Digital Bolex reigniting the dreams of the super 16 camera, it seems like the world is as ready for retro themed video cameras as they are for vintage looking still cameras. In fact, a recently spotted Japanese camera has taken the Bolex one step further, bringing back the style of the Super 8. Called the Bellami HD-1, we know almost nothing about this diminuitive camera, except that it has an incredible style.

Based on some digging by camera centric sites like EOSHD, Personal View, and the Japanese site RLFC, it seems like the Bellami will go for around US$830 (80,000 Yen), and will be made by Chinon—a long term, low-end, on-and-off again camera manufacturer from Japan. It'll go on sale next month, with some degree of support for D mount, with C, CS, and M42 mounts using adapters.

It looks like Superheadz Tokyo will be selling it, and judging by the images on these two pages, it'll be remarkably tiny.

We have no idea if it'll head to the USA, or what sort of specs it'll have. But you have to admit, that's a sharp looking camera.

(via NoFilmSchool)