The incredible underwater worm photography of Alexander Semenov


posted Monday, March 10, 2014 at 2:05 PM EDT


When it comes to underwater photography, Alexander Semenov is one of the best around—and his Flickr feed is a chronicle of some of the most amazing sea creatures you'll ever encounter. His newest subject? Polychaetes, or sea worms. And these photos of the deep sea creepy crawlers are absolutely stunning.

On his Behance page, he explains:

What do you imagine when you hear the word "Worms"? Let me interrupt you - just scroll down and look. These are WORMS. Marine worms, polychaetes. From the depths of the cold White sea to the coral reefs of the Great Barrier in Australia. Some of them were collected recently and they are still undescribed! It's only a drop in the whole diversity of polychates. Enjoy)

We've embedded some of Semenov's images from his Flickr feed below, but you can see more of this series here. He also has some magnificent other work, like these shots of jellyfish against the sky.

(via Colossal)