Get out and shoot at night with this 20-minute tutorial on how to make a night sky timelapse (VIDEO)


posted Monday, March 17, 2014 at 1:29 PM EDT


If you've ever watched an incredible timelapse video, and asked yourself how they do that, this is your chance to learn the basics, and give it a try. Acclaimed timelapse artist Dustin Farrell has just released a 20 minute tutorial video, taking you through how he makes his incredible videos, from top to bottom.

In an accompanying blogpost at Planet5D, Farrell explained that he gets asked frequently about how he makes his videos, so he decided to put together this tutorial, which runs through a lot of information about how he sets up, his camera settings, what sort of gear he uses, and more. And while the 20 minute video certainly hits on an awful lot of his tricks of the trade, you can bet there's still a lot more to delve into, too.

Farrell also emphasizes the importance of high quality gear, and is a firm proponent of full frame cameras and fast prime lenses. He uses long exposures, and high ISOs, so consequently relies on noise reduction software to try and clean up the individual frames for the final video.

If you don't have 20 minutes to watch the guide, the folks at FStoppers have put together a Cliff Notes version which hits the most important points. But if you're really interested in timelapse photography, we'd say it's worth taking the time to watch it through. Combine it with the skills you picked up from this astrophotography tutorial, and you should be on your way.