Camera Plus Airsnap lets you remote control someone else’s iOS camera (VIDEO)


posted Friday, March 21, 2014 at 11:49 AM EST


Recently, we've seen a number of cameras get the ability to be controlled via a smartphone. Sony's PlayMemories Mobile, Canon EOS Remote, and Olympus Image Share all let you see what your camera sees, and control it from your smartphone rather than being stuck behind the camera itself. But for some reason, that same technology has never had much of a presence on the camera that's already in your pocket: your smartphone itself. But the newest version of Camera Plus for iOS promises just that.

Thanks to a new feature called AirSnap, two people with Camera Plus installed on their iPhone or iPad can use one to remote control the other. Camera Plus (not to be confused with the similarly named and much more well known Camera+) is a $0.99 app that has generally mediocre reviews so far on the App Store. But this new feature could be the killer tool for it. As the video below demonstrates, it would be an easy way to make sure everyone (including you) is in frame for a group shot, simply by setting up one iPhone as the camera, and the other as the remote.

AirSnap works over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and just requires that both devices have the app installed.

(via TNW