Explosive footage of volcanic eruption captured with GoPro and Phantom combo (VIDEO)

by Liam McCabe

posted Monday, March 24, 2014 at 1:17 PM EST


Another day, another totally awesome video shot with a GoPro strapped to a DJI Phantom quadcopter.

Today's clip comes from the island of Vanuatu, where YouTube user Shaun O’Callaghan flew his rig over an actively erupting volcano. The footage is positively explosive (sorry), providing a rare bird’s-eye perspective of this mighty force of nature. Globs of lava appear to narrowly miss the drone and camera, and we can only imagine how blazingly hot it must’ve been.


This is exactly the kind of footage that drones are great for—shots that are impossible to get from the ground, and too risky to attempt with a helicopter. (A quad is also a heck of a lot more convenient than a helicopter.) This clip is a great way to spend 2 minutes, at least until the next astounding footage of an unbelievable event surfaces from another corner of the internet in a few days.

(Via Gizmodo)