Philips OneSpace lighting rig makes a softbox out of any ceiling

by Liam McCabe

posted Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 12:19 PM EST


Ahh, perfect lighting. Photographers usually think of perfectly overcast days for outdoor shoots, or exquisitely arranged soft boxes in a studio. What if you could have soft, even indoor lighting from just one fixture?

The Philips OneSpace is a wall or ceiling-mounted lighting fixture, combining an array of LED lights behind a diffuser. Philips claims that it avoids both glare and shadows in the spaces it illuminates. The color temperature is set to 4000K by default, but can be adjusted 1000K in either direction, up to daylight or down to simulate a halogen bulb. At maximum power, the lights can crank out 2460 lumens per square meter (at 38 watts per square meter), and can be dimmed down to 10 percent of the top brightness. The single-panel units range in size from 2.4 x 2.4 meters up to 3 x 10 meters as well.

The Philips OneSpace can hang a ceiling, like a giant soft box.

We can imagine that plenty of photographers would love to get their hands on a setup like this—anyone who does catalog shoots or, say, vanity photos for digital camera review websites. That said, the OneSpace is being marketed toward showrooms and airports, and without the price readily available, we can imagine that it’ll be pretty, pretty expensive. We can keep dreaming. In the meantime, let's appreciate how Philips owns the domain name

(Via PopPhoto)