Digital Rev TV uses $13,000 flash pack to freeze-frame water

by Liam McCabe

posted Monday, April 21, 2014 at 10:32 AM EST


The crew at Digital Rev TV is back with another chapter in the chronicles of a gear-nerd with unlimited access to the world’s most expensive photo equipment.

Speed Shooter is a series at DRTV in which Kai and company use an absurdly expensive flash system to freeze-frame fast-moving objects in a burst sequence. In this most recent episode, they demonstrate how to take razor-sharp shots of splashing water.


There’s almost certainly no chance that you’ll be able to mimic their sequence at home, because they key piece of equipment in this “how-to” is a $13,000 power pack for the flash system. That pack, the Broncolor Scoro 3200S RFS, can power a flash 50 times per second and cut off that flash in an exceptionally short time—about 1/10000s. It's encased in carbon fiber, offers an insane degree of control.

Unless you’re a pro shooter, it’s unlikely you’ve ever even stopped to consider that a flash system like this would need to exist, so it’s worth checking out the video just to see this thing in action. And also to watch Kai slice through water with a wooden sword.


(Via Digital Rev)