Canon T5 First Shots posted - Time to compare Canon’s new entry-level DSLR to the competition


posted Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 12:11 AM EDT


The ever-popular Canon T3, their previous entry-level DSLR offering, debuted more than three years ago and yet is still hugely popular among the camera-buying masses. No wonder they took their time in issuing a follow-up model, and thus far the Canon T5 looks to be a worthy follow-up indeed.

Increasing in resolution from 12.2 to 18 megapixels and offering increased ISO range, The T5 aims to continue the popularity of the line with noticeable improvements. Did they succeed? Our lab test First Shots are the best place to start, a series of Still Life images shot across the ISO range for all cameras that pass through our test lab, to give you a standard for comparing any camera we've ever tested side-by-side in our world renowned Comparometer.

Here you can put it up against the its predecessor the Canon T3 or its famous cousin the T3i, as well as the Sony A58, Nikon D3300 or anything else you're considering as an alternative. For anyone not yet introduced to our Still Life images, below is a crop near the center of the frame at ISO 100. From our samples page you can access images like this across the full ISO range, including access to the RAW files and EXIF data, as well comparing these images against the competition in our Comparometer.

Happy pixel peeping!

Canon T5 • ISO 100 • 100% crop

Stay tuned for more to come on the Canon T5.