New Yorkers: Want your free Samsung NX30? Here’s the fine print for the #DitchTheDSLR event


posted Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 6:38 PM EDT


Last week, we told readers about what has to rank as one of the most unusual promotional events in recent memory: Samsung's showy #DitchTheDSLR event in New York City, which takes place tomorrow.

If you missed our earlier coverage, then here's the nutshell view: Samsung Electronics America is promising to trade photographers' old DSLR cameras for a brand-new Samsung NX30 mirrorless camera kit complete with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens, free of charge. That's quite an offer, as the kit in question carries a list price of around US$1,000, and even street prices are on the order of $850+.

Not surprisingly, though, there are some catches -- this won't be an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade, by any means. Terms and conditions weren't available at the time of our last article, but they've been published now and they make the situation much clearer:

  • Where: Samsung's Ditch Day event will take place at 42-43 Broadway Plaza, Times Square, New York.

  • When: The public event will begin at 12:00pm EST on June 4, 2014, and will continue until 6:00pm at the latest. However, Samsung is reserving the right to end the event early, something which would seem pretty likely given that there are a limited supply of cameras on-hand. The event will open to the press ahead of time, so don't panic if you see people in there before you. :-)

  • Who: You'll have to be a US resident of the 50 states or the District of Columbia, 18 years or older, unconnected to Samsung and its agents, and a regular consumer. Tourists need not apply, and nor should businesses or resellers looking to expand their inventory. 

  • How many cameras: According to Samsung's terms and conditions, there are a total of 250 Samsung NX30 kits on offer, a number which the company has reserved the right to change at any time.

  • How to get one: You'll have to bring what Samsung calls a "qualifying digital camera" with you. In essence, it must be a DSLR kit including camera body, lens, battery and power supply, and all parts must be unmarked, undamaged beyond normal wear and tear, and in proper working order. Examples of things that might disqualify your camera include missing parts, cracked or non-working displays, cracked or open camera bodies, cracked or seized lenses, and so on. In other words, you need to be swapping a truly functional DSLR kit, not a faulty one.

  • Taxes: Samsung notes that participants in its #DitchTheDSLR event will still be liable for any applicable taxes and other costs or expenses, so do expect Uncle Sam to want his cut.

If you're one of the lucky 250 individuals who make the cut, your old DSLR will be taken off your hands immediately, and replaced with a shiny new Samsung NX30 kit. There's no need to mail your camera, so don't be confused by mention of delivery in the terms and conditions -- that applies to customers who don't receive an NX30. If you don't make the cut, you'll be able to pledge to ditch your DSLR in exchange for a US$50 mail-in rebate towards any NX-series camera.

And should you not have a camera to trade, or not make it before the cameras run out -- we'll be amazed if they don't, because this is quite the deal! -- you can still get hands-on with any of Samsung's NX-series cameras, get a selfie shot with the NX Mini, and test the cameras' performance by shooting cars racing on a slot-car track. So if you've been considering an NX-series camera, the event is a good chance to get a discount and some hands-on experience with the different models, whether or not you actually ditch your DSLR on Ditch Day.

More details can be found in the official terms and conditions document, which is located here.